Dil Banjara Third Episode

A Review of Dil Banjara Third Episode

I hope so you have been enjoying my Dil Banjara reviews. In this episode, I am going to review Dil Banjara third episode.

Zaman’s  is conservative person, he is telling Nida to leave to study college stuff and concentrate on Islamic studies.

“Ye prayii ke name pa sher o shari horhe”.

As shown in the previous episode, Sikandar is tensed and blaming himself for the accident.

Nida’s father is trying to postpone the wedding of Nida til her papers.

Meanwhile, Shama hospitalized.

Because of her talent and skill nida selected to go abroad for speeches. This shows one side of coin makes like her dream are coming true. But this is for a shot span of time.

Phopho showing strictness towards nida and forcing that she will come next Sunday to fix the date for wedding. Restriction to leave college and take time to learn skills in knitting and cooking.

Poor meera how to tel shama that she cant walk and she insists sikandar to tel her. He refuses but he at last makes to tell her.

We will see in coming up episode how Nida will manage to leave the country.On the other hand Nida’s father having a very tough time in convincing his brother.

Shama worried how to life life without mobility and moving around in a wheelchair.

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