An Overview of The Vampire Diaries

If you are reading this article, I am pretty much sure that you are a fan of supernatural TV series. Let me give you an overview of The Vampire Diaries, a supernatural drama which began on The CW Network on 10th of September 2009. It is a TV adaption of the best-selling novel series of the same name written by L.J.Smith, Kevin William, and Julie Plec developed the series.

For over a century I have…

Seven seasons of the show and a couple of episodes of the 8th season have been aired so far. The eighth season premiered on October 21, 2016. The eighth season is the last installment of ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

This fascinating American TV series stars the pretty Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert, Paul Weasley, Ian Somerhalder as the dashing Damon Salvatore. Candice Kings as Caroline Forbes and Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett, who is Elena’s best friend.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ follows the life of a schoolgirl named Elena Gilbert in the small town of Mystic Falls in Virginia. Both of the parents of Elena died in a tragic car accident in which she was saved. Elena tries to hide her sadness from others but she can’t. Her eyes are on the new mysterious boy at school, who also has his eyes on her.

Stefen Salvatore, a vampire aged more than a century returns to the town of Mystic Falls where he grew up. Stefen and Elena fall in love with each other. Damon Salvatore also returns to make his brother’s life a misery as to payback for turning him into a vampire back in 1864.

As every story has its love triangle, so is the case in The Vampire Diaries. Damon loves Elena? Yeah, he does but won’t express it any sooner. The story has many twists and turns adding a lot of suspense to it. Once you start watching it, you won’t stop, even though some of the parts might be confusing.

Some facts about The Vampire Diaries

  • The first episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ attracted a great number of audience for The CW.
  • ‘The Vampire Diaries’ received thirty-seven(37) awards and was nominated 110 times and still counting.
  • Many other supernatural creatures from other series have also been featured in The Vampire Diaries.