Dil Banjara First Episode Review

Dil Banjara First Episode Review

I hope you have read my sneak peek article of Dil Banjara that I had posted a few days back. Today, I am going to post Dil Banjara first episode review.

The very first episode of Dil banjara was aired on Hum TV. The serial stars Adnan Malik as Sikandar, Sanam Saeed as Nida and Mira Sethi as Shama. A unique thing about this episode is that all three leading characters are making their appearance at the very start of the Pakistani TV serial.

Nida is a girl from a middle-class family living with her handicapped father and her mentally challenged mother. As part of her family, she has a chattery aunt, a frustrated cousin and rich aunt.

Nida folded in the hands of middle-class households wanting to fly high far from her colorless life and explore the world. The biggest challenge for her is to continue her studies. It is something she is doing against the will of her family, her aunt, and uncle.

Nafees is the father of Nida, who encourages his daughter and helps her in every line of life. Whereas Nida’s uncle is a very narrow-minded person.

Hina Bayat taking the role of Nida’s mentally challenged mother plays her role flawlessly.

First episodes are not always a reliable indicator of quality but this one certainly looks promising

Until now, we are just told that Sikandar lost his parents and brought up by Mehtab, also a single parent to Shama. Mehtab being very close to Sikandar family, brought him up as part of her own family.

Sikandar often wanders and is very careless about his life. Metab wants to tie up him with her daughter Shama. But you will find out in the first episode of Dil Banjara that there is a clash of views.

Dil Banjara
Credits: Hum TV

Shama images herself in love with Sikandar. She takes care of him because it fulfills her purpose. But there has been no sign of affection from Sikandar. This may lead to further misunderstanding later.

“Love at first sight” is what happens with Sikandar. He saw Nida while capturing photos.

There are quite a few pleasing scenes in first episode shot at different mesmerizing locations. Otherwise, majority of the footage is shot at two locations.

Although Dil Banjara has an average opening but it could be your next fun thing to do on a Friday evening.

Have you watched the first episode of Dil Banjara yet? What are your views? Let me know through comments.

Watch Dil Banjara First Episode Online

You can watch first episode of Dil Banjara on HUM TV’s official Youtube channel.