Zunn- Showgirls of Pakistan

Zunn – Showgirls of Pakistan is now Crowdfunding

From the maker of “Chuppan Chupai” comes another hard-hitting on the facts documentary called Zunn- showgirls of Pakistan. Saad Khan’s first documentary, which was about gays and transgender community in Pakistan, was well received internationally. The director is now set to release Zunn – Showgirls of Pakistan which is about lives of showgirls of Pakistan who are forcibly used by mobs.

But that’s not really the end here. The principal photography has wrapped up but the documentary needs backing for post production. The makers of the movie have put the project for crowdfunding on Indiegogo that is being backed by over 20 funders so far.

Watch “Zunn – Showgirls of Pakistan” Trailer

Showgirls of Pakistan is a documentary feature on the lives of dancing girls in Punjab, Pakistan. It unveils a world of smut theater and strip-shows in small towns and villages through the eyes of the women that are profited from but are never heard. These showgirls are managed by a violent mafia, pimps, boyfriends, and promoters who regularly export them to the UAE club scene.

Zunn  - Showgirls of Pakistan