domestic abuse on Faryal Makhdoom.

The truth behind domestic abuse on Faryal Makhdoom

Faryal Makhdoom; wife of famous professional boxer Amir Khan finally speaks up in public against what she calls ‘abuse’ by her in-laws. Faryal is a fashion model and a makeup artist. She has a good amount of followers on Instagram and on her Youtube channel. The followers are keen to know everything about the story of domestic abuse on Faryal Makhdoom. Let’s try to put some light on the truth behind domestic abuse on Faryal Makhdoom.

The allegations made by her on Amir Khan’s family through various social media posts started particularly with one of her Snapchat story. The post went viral and her followers were stunned by the trials she had to go through in silence while living with Amir Khan’s family for three years.

The Snapchat post said: ‘When you force your son to divorce his wife, when she’s nine months pregnant!! And your son doesn’t…and he sticks besides his wife. He’s called a pussy? Then they think it’s OK to bully you in public.’’

After this snap chat post , there are mixed reactions among both Faryal and Amir’s fans. People have always witnessed the strong bond Amir has with his family. Some might have rejected the allegation of domestic abuse on Faryal Makhdoom altogether but some are supporting her for speaking up against the violence and hate she got from her in-laws.

Whatever the truth is, Faryal is not ready to give up. According to her, she has suffered enough in silence. Owing to the fact that she got married at the age of 21, she did not know how to respond to the harsh behavior of her in-laws. Now that she speaks up finally, it seems like she is ready to expose each malicious act of Amir’s family members.

She even talked about the family feud live on a morning show. The show was aired on a British Tv channel ITV. There she has claimed that her in-laws were never welcoming towards her. And it was a one-sided effort, that she tried to fit in but she was constantly ridiculed and harassed by Amir’s sisters and parents for being excessively bold in her attire.

In the TV show, she alleged that Amir’s younger sister Mariya constantly ridiculed Faryal, calling her Michael Jackson for her numerous plastic surgeries. The biggest example of domestic abuse on Faryal Makhdoom is the TV remote thrown at her by Mariya which didn’t hit her, fortunately. In response to that, Faryal threatened Amir’s family that she would call the police but she never did out of the fear of getting divorced.

Faryal had recently been part of a catwalk which was her debut. Amir Khan has shown his support for her debut catwalk. He even posted her picture, congratulating her on her successful debut. It is his parents who are bashing her for the show of skin.

The Question is, Why did they let their son marry a fashion model in the first place If they were so conventional? Faryal has said on the ITV morning show, that Amir’s family got along with her at the start very well.

The objection and domestic abuse on Faryal Makhdoom started with objections on her dressing after the marriage and continued both mentally and physically.

Had they thought they would turn a catwalk fashion model into a Niqabi after marriage? This is lame. The behavior of Amir’s family is doubtful. Mariya; Amir’s sister has even made an insulting comment on Faryal’s Instagram picture calling her catwalk ‘dogwalk’.

For sure, there is some truth in Faryal Makhdoom’s allegations. But the fact that she is spilling out all the pent up emotions and distress of past three years might lead her to make little exaggeration to her side of the story.

Anyhow, some consider her brave and valiant for breaking the norm. Reham Khan has even tweeted in support of her saying: ‘A woman has a voice for her reason! Condemn the bullies, not the woman who speaks out. #Faryalmakhdoom”

Amir Khan for the most part of the feud kept silent about all allegations of domestic abuse on Faryal Makhdoom. Finally, he spoke about it in a press conference saying that this needs to stop. He is left with a heart-wrenching decision either to chose to live with his family or his wife. As the relation between Faryal Makhdoom and Amir’s family are at the point where they barely talk.

Amir has moved to New York recently after the feud that was about to tear his family apart. Rumors are that he might permanently settle in New York, choosing his wife over family.