American Idol Reboot

American Idol Reboot announces Luke brayn as its Second Celebrity Judge

The American Idol reboot continues to have a problem in locking down the second celebrity judge from the past few days. Unlike the original show, the reboot is expected to feature a three-person judge panel.

After weeks of rumours, Luke Bryan has officially joined “American Idol” as the second judge for the upcoming American Idol reboot on ABC.

The show has confirmed that Ryan Seacrest, who hosted every season of the original “American Idol,” is returning back to the show.

Katy Perry will serve as a first celebrity judge and the country star ‘Luke Bryan ‘will join Pop Princess Katy Perry for the series’ reboot on ABC. American Idol will stick with a panel of only three judges this time.

Katy Perry was previously revealed as a first judge celebrity of American Idol Reboot after the deal of $25 million was made. Bryan initially rejected his $6 million offer, and the details of his renegotiated payment are unknown

American Idol Reboot

There were rumours that Bryan initially rejected his $6 million offer, so the details of whether or not Bryan made a deal or not are unknown.

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan can’t judge the whole show alone. Previous seasons of the show consisted of four-judge season. That means that producers are still searching for a third judge to join the show.

Auditions for the show are due to start from next week and the show has confirmed Luke Bryan as a second judge but Idol still hasn’t locked down a third judge yet.

There were rumours that Lionel Richie, Charlie Puth and Keith possibly being the third judge, but no official announcement has been made as yet.

American Idol is still actively on the hunt for a third judge as auditions are about to start from next week and are believed to be airing on Sunday and Monday nights.