Poor Rich Boy

Poor Rich Boy Release ‘Thinking Heart’ Music Video

Pakistani Indie band Poor Rich Boy has released its latest music video called “Thinking Heart”. The video has been produced by Piphany Productions.

Watch “Thinking Heart” by Poor Rich Boy – Official Video

Listen to “Thinking Heart” by Poor Rich Boy – Official Audio

The audio for this track is not yet available. In the meantime it’s published, listen to their hit song ‘Melody’.

“Thinking Heart” by Poor Rich Boy – Details

Poor Rich Boy – Thinking Heart (Official Music Video)
Filmed & Edited by Mehreen Murtaza & Tabish Habib
Audio Produced by Zain Ahsan
Recorded & Mixed at Digital Fidelity Studio
Cast: Shehzad Noor & Zain Ahsan
Special Thanks: Dr Zarqa’s Laser skin & wellness clinic.
Video Produced by Piphany Productions

About Poor Rich Boy

Poor Rich Boy, Pakistan’s underground indie-art rock phenomenon, conjures the strangeness of everyday life in a society where expressing one’s inner world can be both a cathartic and subtly rebellious act. Enigmatic and layered, the band’s striking vocals, atmospheric sounds, and the occasional kazoo create a crystalline sound that suggests, but rarely reveals.