Natasha Baig and Mai Dhai

FACE Music Mela 2017 Concludes in Islamabad

The fourth edition of three-day long Music Mela has come to an end on 23rd April after some electrifying performances. The festival first started as a music conference back in 2014.

Music Mela is organized every year in spring in Islamabad by Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education (FACE). The event includes master workshops with music teachers and leading artists; live music performances with headlining acts, folk, classical fusion and upcoming acts; lectures followed by Q&A sessions with directors of successful music projects; panel discussions with leading exponents of the music industry of Pakistan including promoters, publishers, educationists, and artists; stalls for the introduction and outreach of folk musicians and upcoming bands.

Hunza boys – Bulbulik Music Band from Gojal, Hunza

The first day was filled with some great performances. There was a new folk band from Hunza Valley called Bulbulik who made their first appearance at a big stage. Then there were two bands Ali Ashraf & The Crazy Vibes followed by The Canvas. The big cheer performances were by Islamabad’s own Uzair Jaswal and Call.

FACE Music Mela 2017
Left to right: Mehnaz Parveen and Zeezah Fazli or FACE with musicans Ali Noor and Taazi founder Haroon Rashid.

Day 2 included several panel discussion including History of Qawali by Imran Aziz Mian, future of Music Industry, a  dance workshop Amna Mawaz and Puriya Dhanashree by Imran Nafees and Aizaz Sohail.

At the main stage, there were again music performances. It started with Zoha Zuberi and legendary Mai Dhai. Pluto Republic (BANDWAGON),  Sattar Jogi, Surge, Sikandar Ka Mandir, The Mothership, Hunza girl Natasha Baig and Qawalistan, etc.

The final day had an EDM Night that got ruined by heavy rain. After a few hours of wait for the weather to settle, performances were moved from the main stage to the auditorium.

The performers included DJ Raj, DJ Farasat Anees, DJ Shumraiz Awan (ft Ali Noor, Zeejah & Qawalistan) and VIVID.

Music Mela is expected to be held in Spring next year.