America Got Talent

Evie Clair Emotional Tribute to her Late Father on America Got Talent

Evie Clair, 13  the teen singer returned to the America Got Talent stage for the 2017 finale performance show just days after her father passed away due to lung cancer who died two weeks before.

She performed a stirring rendition of “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong beautifully in front of the audience and the judges despite her father’s recent death and paid tribute to her dad’s memory.

“My dad taught me, after I started something, to always finish it,” she said on the show. “That’s why I’m fighting to the end, just like he did.” She said after her performance.

All the judges appreciated her by saying that it was the best song she’s ever sung. After the performance, Clair said that” What a Wonderful World” was her dad’s favourite song and she was glad that she came back. She further said her dad was not a musician at all, this was just a tribute to him.

America Got Talent

During the audition, she sang Christina Perri’s 2011 song ‘Arms’ and dedicated her performance to her father.Judges asked Evie why she has chosen that song and she said when my dad has rough days, I used to sing this song to help him feel better and strengthen him to continue fighting.

Judge Howie Mandel said after the performance to Evie that “Our hearts and souls go out to you. He further said I know that your father passed this week, and i cannot believe the strength that I’m seeing in such a beautiful young girl.”

The brave singer Evie also shared some words of hope and inspiration for those people who are facing difficult and terrible time in their lives and explained how she helps her to move forward.

Evie Clair delivered a powerful tribute to her late father on America Got Talent that brought the audience to tears.