India vs Ireland - Star Sports Moqa Moqa ad

Star Sports “Moqa Moqa” Ad Takes a New Turn

If you are a Pakistan cricket fan and have been following the #WontGiveItBack campaign by Star Sports, chances are you are mad and the Indian sports media giant. The campaign ads that the sports channel releases a day or two before India plays a match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 have been creating a whole new level of discussion among fans on social media space. Their ad for the match against Pakistan was a big subject of discussion. Pakistani fans even posted their own counter videos.

But the ads just took a new turn!

The latest Star Sports ad shows a Pakistani cricket fan wearing an Indian team jersey holding fire crackers.

In case you cannot connect the lines, India is facing Ireland in an important match — in fact a more important for Pakistan than it is for India.

If India wins the match against Ireland, Pakistan would get a chance to reach the quarter finals.

This surely puts a friendly gesture for the ongoing situation between the two nations.

Here is the ad