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Centangle is the official Digital Media partner for 3-day long Music Mela Conference by FACE – Foundation for Arts, Culture & Education and Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network. The event will be held at PNCA Islamabad from 2nd – 4th May, 2014.

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The Music Mela Conference, a Project of F|A|C|E in collaboration with the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN), will be the first ever music conference to be held in Islamabad. It will include: master workshops with music teachers and leading artists; live music performances with headlining acts, folk, classical fusion and upcoming acts; lectures followed by Q&A sessions with directors of successful music projects; panel discussions with leading exponents of the music industry of Pakistan including promoters, publishers, educationists and artists; stalls for the introduction and outreach of folk musicians and upcoming bands.

Islamabad is one of the fastest growing cities of Pakistan as well as being the capital, but despite this it has never hosted a single music conference or festival. Though both the cities of Lahore and Karachi have various festivals to their credit, nowhere in Pakistan does a conference exist where people can actually come to learn about how the music industry of Pakistan functions and propose ideas for its improvement. The Music Mela Conference would be the first of it’s kind in Pakistan, in providing insights and opportunities for not only established and upcoming artists but also those who are thinking about getting into the field of music. It will also provide a space where the young and underground bands of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will be able to present their work and recordings in front of publishers and promoters.

The goal of the Music Mela Conference is to provide a boost to the fledgling music industry of Pakistan, particularly Islamabad – by inspiring young artists to improve their level of professionalism through performances, workshops and presentations; and to highlight the creative talent of the region in front of promoters, publishers and the media. Besides experiencing diverse live performances on stage, the participants of the conference will also get acquainted with how the music industry of Pakistan works and what are the challenges it faces; and will collectively try to come up with solutions and ideas. Highlighting issues such as copyright laws and development of a music curriculum in schools as well as presentations of success stories of various music projects from elsewhere in the country (such as Coke Studio and Sachal Studios) will contribute towards this aim. The Conference will also provide a space in which publishers and promoters of the Pakistani music industry will be able to meet and interact with the emerging music talent of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. An added attraction for musicians and audiences will be the participation of representatives of the South by Southwest Music Festival from Austin,Texas, who will share their experience at the Music Mela Conference as well as scout for local talent.