Gautam Gulati wins Bigg Boss 8

Why Gautam Gulati Ultimately Deserved to Win Bigg Boss 8?

Against all odds, some might say otherwise, Gautam Gulati won the Bigg Boss 8 trophy yesterday. Initially, he was considered a nominal contestant, who might not end up in the top five even, because of his care free attitude. His six packs did catch the attention of girls but there were twenty other contestants who had a lot to offer. Being the youngest in house was one of the most challenging things for Gautam. If he stood for his right, housemates labeled him as a disrespectful person and his limpid personality earned him the label of a great actor! But an incident changed the whole story!

It’s quite common that we end up abusing out of frustration but a few of us have the guts to apologize. Same happened with Gautam Gulati when he kept on apologizing for his mistake but the housemates were not ready to forgive. Inside the house, when all contestants gathered against him, audience gathered to support him. This incident suddenly brought the lime light to Gautam and then there was no turning back.

Despite being cornered by the housemates, he emerged as a hero not because his good looks but for the fact that he never treated them the same way whenever he got the chance. Be it the captaincy or Gautam Gulati city task, he never took revenge when he had the power and that is how he won thousands of people’s appreciation. Critiques might say his good looks brought him the fan following but huge fan following of boys proves that we love him more for what he is (though some of us actually pray that he takes of his top).

The trend on twitter every other day proved that you can’t force your fans to support you but being genuine would consequently lead them to support you. His calm behavior in every situation made him a star and today many youngsters look up to him as inspiration. He did prove that age is a number and you can achieve anything if you are a genuine being.

Lastly, hats off to all the fans out there that made sure to strip off the negative comments against him after every episode through utilizing the social media at its best. Call it luck, fanatic fan power or anything but you can’t ignore the fact that he did play the game the way he wanted to and that clicked!

We love Gauti!