Bigg Boss Season 8

Mobile Phone Charger Spotted in Bigg Boss Season 8 Episode

A mobile phone charger was spotted in an episode of Bigg Boss Season 8. Avid viewers of Bigg Boss Halla Bol took to the social networking site, Twitter when they saw a mobile charger during an episode of the show. Since then the Twitteratti has been busy discussing about the curious case of the mobile charger in the candy room of the Bigg Boss house. In fact many of the Gautam Gulati fans have also posted few pictures of Karishma Tanna with a phone like thing in her hand which she is trying to hide from Gautam. While some are calling it a mobile phone charger others are saying that it might be a cigarette packet, hookah charger, trimmer charger or hair-straightener charger.

Later on, the officials of Colors Channel issued the following statement:

“The facts are not true and if one looks at the picture carefully then one would see that Karishma Tanna is holding a packet of cigarette in her hand. Also what seems to be a mobile charger inside the smoking room is nothing but a trimmer charger. We find such reports frivolous and the viewers regularly watching the show can use their own discretion.”

Using a cell phone is a strict violation of Bigg Boss rules.