A Review of Dil Banjara Second Episode

A Review of Dil Banjara Second Episode

I hope you enjoyed the review of Dil Banjara’s first episode. Your appreciation and interest have motivated me to write a review of Dil Banjara second episode.

This episode introduces phupho and her son as new characters. The second episode gives an understanding of all characters and moves towards a decent storyline.

you will come to to see in the second episode that Nida is always taunted by her cousin. The reason might be that they were brought up in a family where elders have somewhat an authority to tease the younger ones.

The positive point here to notice is that the taya Abu showing willingness in the wedding.  Nida is treated like a daughter by her Taya. But this soft corner does not last for long.

A Review of Dil Banjara Second Episode
Screenshot from the second episode of HUM TV’s Dil Banjara

On the other hand Zaman, Nida’s fiance, is a very spoiled child. He never visits his uncle at his home in haveli. Zaman shows no respect to elders and is very rude while talking to others in general.

Nida’s father notices the behavior of Zaman but he is majboor under the pressure of elders.

Shama’s accident is tragic in this episode. Sikandar very irresponsible in the previous episode but in this one, he is trying to clear the misunderstanding between him and Shama.

After Shama’s accident, the behavior of Sikandar changes and he you might find of his attitude becoming sensitive. He now cares about the feelings and emotions of loved ones.

But he blames himself for all that happened to Shama.

Nida’s parents might not fulfill her dreams

Because of the pressure from her family members, Nida might not get what she wants even though she is a loveable daughter.

It is quite awkward how Adnan Malik’s acts to get upset upon the accident of Shama. He could have done better.

Mehtab worries how to tell her daughter about her mobility.

Coming up in the next episode is why Sikandar is tense because.

You can watch the second episode of Dil Banjara on HUMTV’s official Youtube channel.