Made in Pakistan Trailer

‘Made in Pakistan’ Trailer

The official trailer of ‘Made in Pakistan’ has been released online. The film features Murtaza (Kahn) who travels to Beijing in search of Asia’s most wanted drug lord known as Ghost. Unlike rivals, Ghost has managed to keep his identity secret and kept it low key.

Ghost’s growing control over drug trade routes causes major concern for Pak-China government agencies and puts him on the #1 on the lost of the most wanted men dead or alive.

Wacth the trailer of ‘Made in Pakistan’

Murtaza (Kahn) has no lead except a recent bank transition to China. Would Murtaza (Kahn) be able to catch him or will he die trying…

Find out in the movie.

Movie Details

Genre Action
Studio Mongol Studios
Short Description Made In Pakistan-The Movie 2014
Starring Murtaza Abbas
Directed By Murtaza Abbas
Written By Murtaza Abbas
Screenplay By Murtaza Abbas
Produced By Murtaza Abbas